Just a few words for grandparents, in-laws, helpful relatives, friends, healthcare professionals and strangers on the street. Thanks to all the lovely mamas who contributed.

Things To Say to New Mums

How are you getting on?

What’s changed since I last saw you and the baby?

Where’s the Hoover kept?

What do you want for dinner?

What can I do to help?

Let me know if you want a bit of time to yourself, I’m happy to watch the baby for an hour or so

Here – I’ve brought a little something just for you

Wow, aren’t you a natural!

I LOVE the name you’ve chosen

I’ll just pop in with some food then be on my way

Trust your instincts, you know your baby better than anyone

(If breastfeeding) How’s it going – it can be hard work! (Come armed with the National Breastfeeding Helpline for bonus points – 0300 100 0212)

Oh look how adoringly he looks at you

She looks just like you

You’re such a good mum

You’re obviously doing a brilliant job

That’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen

Being a mum IS a job and a very productive one!

Can I get you a cup of tea?

Nap when your baby naps….and I’ll sort out the housework

It’s normal

It will pass


Things Never to Say to New Mums

Blimey you look tired

Ah, enjoy every minute (what if they’re not??!)

You’re looking too skinny

You’re still carrying the extra weight, then?

Don’t you think it would be better if….

So, why did you choose THAT name?

She cries a lot doesn’t she?

He’s definitely hungry/tired/windy

Oh don’t worry, she’ll soon fill out/slim down

You’re breastfeeding? Isn’t that a bit…

You’re bottlefeeding? But what about…..

You’d feel better if you put a bit of make up on

We’ll just drop in for the day. With our kids. And pets….

You’re creating a rod for your own back with that rocking/nursing/cuddling

In my day, we did things like this

Is that normal?

Oh, you must be struggling.

She looks just like your great uncle George

My baby slept through from 2 weeks

How long will it take for your tummy to get back to normal?

Nap when your baby naps. Can I have a cup of tea?

Should you really be doing…


You musn’t….

You should…