Just One Thing – Post Natal Gut Health

As a clinical psychologist, I’ve followed with interest the recent news that depression, anxiety and other mood problems might be linked to gut health. So I was very happy to find Dr Megan Rossi, aka The Gut Health Doctor who frequently discusses the link between gut health and mood.

Megan has kindly allowed me to share her recent post about gut health and postnatal depression here. You can also read more about the links between our gut health and mood here and here.

“Could there be a role for gut health in postnatal depression? New research says YES!

What did they do: They randomised 423 pregnant women to receive either a probiotic (L.rhamnosus HN001) or a placebo (fake supplement) every day throughout pregnancy and until bub was 6months.

What did they find: Compared to placebo, mothers who were in the probiotic group had a significant reduction in both depression and anxiety scores.
What does this mean: Although there was no difference in mothers meeting the threshold for a diagnosis of depression, only 15% vs. 30% (placebo) reached the cut off for anxiety.

TAKE HOME: Although convincing this is certainly not conclusive as only a single study. BUT it does highlight that mums’ gut health shouldn’t be overlooked.

Bring on a confirmation study!”

Read the original research here

Dr Megan Rossi, Registered Dietician

Dr Megan Rossi is a Registered Dietitian with an award-winning PhD in the area of Gut Health. Megan works as a Research Associate at King’s College London, leads a Gut Health clinic on Harley street and has joined forces with Leon Restaurants to launch their gut health menu range.

You can find out more about Megan on her website, or chat to her on Facebook and Instagram.