What made you start sharing your/reading about others mental health experiences online?

I think social media needs more transparency from people. More REAL, less fake. Talking about the bad helps people feel less alone. 

What have been the pros for you?

I’ve had a lot of people send me DMs, comment on my posts, thanking me. Telling me they feel the same. 

What have been the cons for you?

I haven’t really had any that I think are valid. Anyone who would think less of me as a result… isn’t worth worrying about. 

Did your experience online lead you to making any real life changes?

Hearing what helped others led me to look into different things, such as vitamins, podcasts, and other tools for coping.

Did it lead you to making any decisions about accessing professional or medical help? 

Talking to friends was what made me initially go to my midwife to tell her I wasn’t coping. I haven’t needed any medical help, but seeing other people accessing it has made me less afraid if I felt I needed to.

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