Reflect & Record February Last Week

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Throughout February we focused on Recovery. For the final week of February, we talked about recovery of the Spirit. This isn’t something that we tend to talk about much in clinical psychology, which prides itself on being a science-based practice, yet so many psychological tools are based in spiritual practices (mindfulness being the most obvious). There are so many ways that we could approach this subject but I drew on the simple idea of connecting with something greater than us as individuals, and I talked about it here I also drew from existential psychotherapy ideas and outlines one way we can look for meaning amongst all of the uncertainty Last week also saw the outbreak of war in Ukraine, and I know that many of you felt deeply unsettled by this news. If you are directly impacted by this, it is inevitable you will be in survival mode now and I send you love and solidarity at this time. For those not directly affected, it can feel hard to witness trauma when the world has felt so full of trauma already. I shared some suggestions for what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed by the news here, and my lovely colleague Dr Martha Deiros Collado also shared some useful ideas for speaking to children about war.
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Please do use the grounding exercises on my page if you need them this week, it is a heavy time. Perhaps we might also enjoy the privilege we have to find space for joy in our own homes.
With love, Emma x