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We are a collective of warm, vibrant, experienced psychologists who- together- offer accessible, high quality and whole-family support.

Emma Svanberg

Emma Svanberg

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Hi- I’m Emma and I’m the founder of the Psychology Collective. I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and have worked with parents and families for nearly 20 years. You can learn more about me over on the About Emma page. For support, I offer 1:1 consultations with other mental health professionals or I’d love to invite you to get in touch to work with one of our Psychology Collective if you’re looking for therapy.

Laura Grace

Business & Community Manager

Hey, I’m Laura, the Business and Community Manager for Emma and the Psychology Collective – the person who’ll be there to answer and chat through any questions you have when you get in touch. Together, Emma and I work out which practitioner will be the best fit to support you, or we’ll help you find a more suitable service.  I also run my own business – The Pocket VA, and specialise in Instagram Services, working with freelancers and small businesses to grow and market on Instagram. 


If you would like to meet online with one of us on a regular basis please contact us about arranging a psychological therapy assessment. This is suitable for individuals, couples and families depending on the specialism of the individual practitioner. You might wish to speak to one of our perinatal specialists if you would like to discuss your pregnancy, birth or early parenting experience.  Or, you might wish to speak to one of our child and family specialists if you are having difficulties in your parenting or concern about your child or family situation. 

Therapy creates an ongoing safe space to explore a variety of different issues. You may also wish to speak to more than one of us, and we are happy to discuss this with you to find the best possible support.

Depending on the psychologist who is most appropriate and currently available, most practitioners charge £110-150 although all are prepared to consider a reduced rate if this is needed.

    Meet The Psychology Collective

    Deborah Weinstein

    Chartered Counselling Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with over 15 years’ experience working in the charity sector, the NHS, and the private sector, with my own private practice based in London. I am registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). 

    I have a special interest in perinatal work, and possess extensive experience working with fertility issues, pregnancy anxiety, fear of childbirth, birth trauma, and loss connected with miscarriage and stillbirth, as well as relationship issues and parenting issues.  I also work with women who have experienced breastfeeding difficulties, and I am a qualified and skilled breastfeeding counsellor.

    You might want to see me if...

    I see individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and locations, who are looking for a safe space to explore their feelings or anxieties.

    You might wish to see me if you are experiencing difficulties along your parenting journey – from fertility issues, to pregnancy anxiety, birth trauma or breastfeeding issues. You might be experiencing difficulties reconciling your own childhood with your parenting style.

    You might also wish to see me if you are facing any of the following presenting issues – anxiety, health anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, PTSD, childhood abuse, pregnancy and miscarriage trauma and anxiety, post birth trauma, relationship issues, and parenting and family issues.

    AXA and Aviva recognised health care provider.

    My style...

    I am trained to work using various psychotherapeutic models including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), compassion focussed therapy (CFT), and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), but believe strongly in tailoring the therapy to fit the needs of each individual client rather than fitting the client into a particular type of therapy.

    I believe therapy is a collaborative process where we can work together to create empowerment and positive change. Therapy can provide the safe space and time needed to facilitate this change.

    Hannah Moncad

    Clinical Psychologist 

    Who am I?
    I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 14 years’ experience of working in various child and adult services within the NHS, as well as private and charitable sectors. I am registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

    Until recently, I worked in an NHS Maternal Mental Health Service, providing psychological therapy to people who had been traumatised by their birth experience, or who had experienced perinatal loss. I also worked with individuals who had a severe fear of childbirth (tokophobia), or were experiencing anxiety related to various aspects of their maternity journey. Prior to this, I have worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Paediatrics and various adult physical health services. I now have a small private practice in Hampshire and feel privileged to continue to be doing the work I love, whilst part of a dynamic, forward-thinking and compassionate group of Psychologists within The Collective.

    You might want to see me if...
    I work with individuals at any point during the maternity journey, sometimes even from pre-conception, all the way into the early years of their little ones’ lives. You might come and see me during pregnancy because you are anxious about your upcoming birth, perhaps this is your first experience of birth, or you had a previously traumatic birth. I often see women when the experience of birth has been difficult, whether this is related to the birth itself, or challenges in the antenatal period, events after the birth, or even difficulties in the care you received. I also see women who have experienced fertility issues and perinatal loss.

    Alternatively, you may wish to see me to have a space to think about the transition to becoming a parent for the first time, or expanding your family. Perhaps you’d like to explore how you’d like to parent, or the impact of your own childhood on your parenting. Maybe you would like to think about the impact that becoming a parent has had on your own relationships, career, identity, or how you feel about yourself, perhaps considering the context of societal expectations of women.

    I also support parents living with physical illness or health condition(s) within the family.

    My style...
    To best meet your needs and preferred ways of working, I draw flexibly upon a range of models in my practice, including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), attachment models and systemic theories. I am also fully trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).

    I believe that therapy is very much a partnership. When we first meet, I will take time to listen to you and then once we have a shared understanding of your difficulties, we can think collaboratively about how best we can work together to make a positive change. Sometimes I see people short term, other times our work can span a longer period.

    I have a warm, compassionate and relaxed style. I understand that coming to therapy can be daunting, especially at a time when you are perhaps juggling the seemingly endless challenges of pregnancy, or caring for little ones. However, I aim to create a therapy space where you feel safe, supported and empowered to find your path to a preferred future.

    Teaching & Speaking
    I teach and speak to professionals on a range of topics, including: birth trauma, perinatal mental health, trauma-informed care, and supporting staff wellbeing, as well as how psychological ways of working can helpfully inform medical practice more broadly.

    I have also provided workshops for women who have experienced birth trauma, perinatal anxiety and low mood, and more recently, managing Covid-19 related concerns in the perinatal period.

    Nneka Ikeogu

    Child and Educational Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I completed my Doctorate in Professional Child, Educational and Adolescent Psychology at the Institute of Education in 2011 and have been practising as a Child and Educational Psychologist ever since, for which I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have worked as a psychologist in a number of Local Authorities, as well as directly with individual schools and groups of schools. My main area of interest is in the social, emotional and mental health needs of children and young people, and I have worked to support schools to set up Nurture Groups within their settings for some of their most vulnerable children.

    I have undertaken further training in understanding the parent-child relationship dynamic, and this has led me to working more closely with parents and families, guiding them to experience more connected and stronger relationships overall.

    You might want to see me if...

    You’re a parent who is finding your child’s behaviour difficult to understand or respond to. This might include (but not be limited to):

    • Difficulties with emotional regulation – this might look like ‘toddler tantrums’ or expressions of emotions in older children that you would like to think about how best to respond to such as anger, fear or worry
    • Separation anxiety
    • Sibling relationships
    • Adolescence – and all that this can bring!

    I can also work with you if you are generally feeling a sense of ‘disconnection’ between yourself and your child. You may want to have some space to discuss what your experiences as a parent bring up for you, how you can make sense of these and how they influence your relationship with your child.

    My style...

    I draw on a range of evidence-based theories and models, including Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Narrative Therapy, Attachment Theory and approaches to parenting that are gentle and conscious, and responsive to both a parent and a child’s needs. My work is also increasingly being influenced by Internal Family Systems. My main aim when working with you is to respond to whatever you bring to a session to ensure that you feel heard and seen, and at ease with me.

    I offer support mostly on a short-term basis (up to four sessions), and for longer if necessary, in agreement with you. If on working with you I feel that yours or your family’s needs would best be met by another practitioner, I will of course discuss this with you.

    Teaching & Speaking
    Currently my teaching and speaking topics include understanding and responding effectively to children’s social, emotional and mental health needs and I offer this online and in face-to-face workshops.

    Lucy Nicholson

    (not taking on new clients)

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?
    I trained at University College, London and gained my doctorate in clinical psychology in 2011, after working as an assistant psychologist at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital. Following qualification I worked for 3 year in Haringey’s IAPT service as a High Intensity Therapist and then moved to the Whittington Hospital where I joined the Health Psychology Department, specialising initially in Pain and Women’s Health and then moving to become Deputy Lead of the Women’s Health Team. I left the Whittington in February 2019 and now have my own small private practice in North London.
    You might want to see me if...
    You have any concerns around birth (perhaps following a traumatic birth, or worries about an upcoming birth); if you have struggled with difficult emotions either in pregnancy or postnatally; or if you are interested in simply exploring the experience of parenting, particularly with reference to your own experience of having been parented.
    My style...
    My style is: highly flexible, my background experience in the NHS has been largely short-term work with a focus on practical, compassion-focused strategies that you can put into practice during challenging times. I am happy working with cognitive-behavioural strategies but as practice has developed I have found that compassion-focused theory (CFT) fits well with my own world-view. CFT combines a really good understanding of how our phyisological responses can work both with and against us, as well as a compassionate way forward.
    Teaching & Speaking
    I teach and speak on topics including how psychology can inform medical practice in a helpful way; postnatal depression and anxiety; and pain.

    Chantell Douglas

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?
    I am a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist, training and working for over 10 years in the NHS. I’ve worked in a range of paediatric and mental health settings, where I am currently a lead psychologist. I specialise in supporting children and families from a range of family backgrounds when they are feeling stuck, worried or unsure. I offer a compassion-focused, collaborative and non-judgemental approach to help them connect to their unique strengths, skills and values in order to overcome difficulties and move towards their hopes for the future. I trained at Salomons – Canterbury Christ Church University.
    You might want to see me if...
    I support families when child and young people experience:

    • Fears and worries, anxiety, low mood, behaviour that can challenge, school concerns, friendships or other life stresses
    • Eating, toileting, sleeping and other developmental concerns
    • Bereavement and loss
    • Living with a physical health difficulty
    • Relationship struggles
    • Experiences around sexuality, gender and race

    The research suggests that parents are usually best placed to promote positive changes throughout their child’s life. I do a lot of work with parents to understand what their child might be communicating and their underlying emotional needs. I aim to empower parents to build on existing strategies to support their child through these challenges. I can also support parents around what this might bring up for them and the ups and downs of family life. Whenever it may be useful, I can also work with children and young people too.

    My style...
    I use a range of evidence-based psychology approaches to support children and families to promote their holistic wellbeing.  This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy and compassion-focused therapy approaches. I also draw on solution-focused, conscious and connected parenting, and trauma-informed approaches. I offer short-term work, or we might agree to meet for longer, depending on what most fits your needs. I may also advice on accessing further support.
    Teaching & Speaking
    As a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher, I teach on a range of topics related to child, parent or family psychology, or yoga and holistic wellness.

    I have talked to professionals within the health, education and corporate sector on a range of topics, such as supporting staff wellbeing, compassion-focused and mindfulness approaches.

    Olivia Williams 

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I am a Clinical Psychologist, with HCPC registration and substantial experience of working in mental health and early years settings.  I trained as a Clinical Psychologist at University College London (UCL). Alongside my private work, I work in the NHS in an Under-Fives Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHS) where I provide consultation, workshops and trainings to early years settings as well as psychological therapies for parents and their young children. I have previously worked across a range of perinatal contexts including as an Specialist Clinical Psychologist in a birth trauma service, offering Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and trauma-focused therapies for individuals who have been traumatised by their birth experience. I have also provided supervision on doctoral perinatal research projects.

    You might want to see me if...

    You might wish to meet with me to explore difficult emotions, concerns, hopes or fears that you might be experiencing as a parent-to-be or parent of a young child. People often come to see me when they are feeling that their experience of parenting is not what they had hoped for. You may have concerns about your birth experience or fears about an upcoming birth. You may have worries about your relationship with your baby or you may be struggling with difficult emotions or self-critical thoughts. You may be interested in having a space to think about your experiences of being parented. You may choose to attend sessions alone or with your baby.

    My style...

    I offer short and longer term therapy that is tailored to your individual needs. My style is collaborative and I understand the central importance of providing a compassionate and containing space for the people I work with. I draw on a range of therapeutic models including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), compassion-focused therapy, attachment models, psychodynamic, systemic theories and developmental psychology. I also offer trauma-focused therapies including Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) and Trauma-Focused CBT.

    Teaching & Speaking

    I deliver trainings to health care staff and early years professionals on topics including birth trauma, perinatal and infant mental health, transitions in the early years, attachment theory, the Solihull approach and trauma-informed practices in nurseries. I have provided workshops for parents on early childhood related difficulties including separation anxiety, sleep, ‘fussy eating’, toileting and transitions to nursery/ starting school.

    Rebecca Shirley

    (not taking on new clients)

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I am a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience of providing support to adults, couples and families with a range of difficulties using a compassionate, individual focused approach. I completed my training at University College London (UCL). I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years and I continue to work part-time as a senior psychologist within a team supporting individuals with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. 

    I established my private practice to help reach the many individuals who for whatever reason have not been able to receive the time, space and psychological expertise they deserve. I am passionate about supporting parents across their perinatal journal to help them to navigate the life changing process of becoming a parent and building a family, and the many challenges and opportunities for growth that it presents.

    You might want to see me if...

    I have experience supporting individuals with a range of difficulties and goals. I work with individuals from pregnancy through to the early stages of their little ones life. I can help if you are:

    • Struggling with strong emotions during pregnancy or after birth such as feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, or perhaps low or flat and not quite yourself
    • Worried about birth or finding it difficult to overcome your experience of birth
    • Having difficulty adjusting to becoming a parent or expanding your family, or wanting a space to explore who you are or want to be as a parent
    My style...

    I understand that the idea of therapy can be a daunting prospect, particularly when juggling the many demands of pregnancy and parenthood. I aim to create a non-judgmental and containing therapy space using compassion and empathy to help you feel safe and comfortable enough to get the most out of our time together.

    I offer both short and longer term therapy. I will aim to work flexibly alongside you to adapt our therapy to your needs, preferences and current circumstances. I predominantly use a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach but I will draw on my experience of a range of different evidence based therapies depending on what best fits your difficulties and what complements you as a person.

    Sakina Ballard

    Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Teacher

    Who am I?

    I am a KGH Dip Hypnobirthing & Antenatal teacher since 2015, as well as being a trained Coach & Mentor.  In 2017 I founded my own trauma-informed and person-centred course with Real Birth Project, offering those transitioning through birth practical and judgement-free tools to support their physical and emotional wellbeing.

    I have also been trained in loss, bereavement and birth trauma and have a particular interest in reflecting on diversity and  impact on individual journeys, as well as thinking more widely about communities, experiences and emotional needs.

    I work within NHS and outside supporting mothers and parents navigate the transitions through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

    You might want to see me if...

    You are planning for your birth, whether it be your first or further and would like support to navigate your options, have tools that feel personalised to you and a safe space to reflect on your journey and hopes, especially if you have experienced previous complexity through fertility, pregnancy, birth or postnatally.

    Working individually, or with a partner 1:1 can be a useful time to pause and tune into the transition and what it means for you, as well as have some guidance to discover what feels important to you through the journey.

    My style...

    My work has a compassionate and trauma-informed base, focussing on processes and needs over the outcome. I work towards your goals, offering space, listening and reflective clarity on what these may be.  Together we work with tools, information and take time to process your questions and previous experiences, creating some space for you to discover your next steps.

    Teaching & Speaking

    As well as creating and teaching trauma-informed Hypnobirthing courses, I have spoken using Lived and Learned Experience at The Birth Trauma Conference, National Better Births Conference & support trainings within NHS and Make Birth Better.

    Bekah Shallcross

    (not taking on new clients)

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?
    I am a HCPC-registered Clinical Psychologist, a chartered member of the British Psychological Society, Researcher and Feminist.  I have a specialist interest in the intersections of gender, violence and mental health which includes, but is not limited to sexual health, perinatal mental health and birth trauma.  I am also interested in how systems of oppression, such as patriarchy, systemic racism, and anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination impact on mental health. I use social media in order to engage with public communities about both my research and clinical practice using the handle @dr_bekah_shallcross, with the aim of making both research and therapeutic ideas more useful and accessible to all.
    You might want to see me if...
    In my clinical practice I specialise in gendered experiences such as birth trauma, reproductive and sexual health, perinatal mental health, and societal expectations of women (emotional burden, burden of care, mental load, adaptation to motherhood etc.). Most commonly I work with women who are struggling with emotions such low mood, anxiety or anger, who may also be experiencing feelings of discontentment in their career, relationships or with themselves.  Oftentimes the women I work with feel exhausted, trapped, burnout, not-good-enough, or unconfident. Sometimes women are unsure when or how these feelings developed, and other times women can pinpoint a particular life event (such as a childhood experience, end of relationship, pregnancy, birth of a child, loss, or other difficult or traumatic experience) which leads them to seek 1-1 therapy.  Whatever you are experiencing; the untangling, head space, and therapeutic relationship offered in a therapy setting aims to provide you with a safe space to explore these difficulties.  
    My style...
    I work integratively, drawing on CBT, and Psychodynamic, Narrative, Systemic and Compassion Focussed models of therapy.  I also draw on Feminist Therapy theory and mind/body somatic techniques.
    Teaching & Speaking
    I speak and provide teaching and training on a wide variety of topics relating to women’s mental health, with a particular interest in opening discussions around how systems of oppression impact upon, and contribute to, mental health difficulties.  I also provide expert commentary on the topics I research, the details of which can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rebekah_Shallcross

    Liz Millward

    Clinical Psychologist

    Who am I?
    I completed my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University of Surrey, and since then have undertaken further training in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, ACT, CFT and IFS. I also have interests in Art and Yoga and have qualifications in both of these, and often use them as tools within therapy. I’ve worked in the NHS for 10 years and have experience seeing clients of all ages. I now specialise in trauma, transitions and attachment.
    You might want to see me if...
    you are interested in how your past links to your present, and the effect this might have on the current relationships within your family or on your parenting journey.
    I support families, couples, children and parents who need help with
    -past trauma
    -adjustment to life changes
    -behavioural difficulties
    -anxiety and/or depression
    -relationship or bonding difficulties
    -the transition to new parenthood, or the addition of a new baby or child
    My style...
    I use an integrative, formulation led approach. This means every intervention is tailor made to suit the individual. I mostly use an attachment model, so we talk about relating to others quite a bit. My most important aim is that everyone in the room feels listened to and understood. I am flexible in my approach, and can consider long or short term work depending on your needs. I like to think I’m quite informal and friendly as a therapist, and don’t take myself too seriously.
    Teaching & Speaking
    Third Wave CBT
    Narrative Systemic Approaches
    Community Psychology

    Sarah Cannon-Gibbs

    Counselling Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I’m a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with over twelve years’ experience working in adult mental health, with both individuals and couples and other relationship set-ups.  I am registered with the HCPC, and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society. Prior to my doctoral training at City University, my first degree was in Sociology so I have a particular interest in how your experience and difficulties fit into the context of your gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture and sexuality for example. I have undertaken additional specialised training in relational therapy for couples and other relationships which has equipped me to work with the complexities and dynamics that relationships present. I take an affirmative approach to my work and I work with all sexualities and all relationship set ups. I am currently doing my EFT (Emotionally focussed therapy) externship for couples work.

    You might want to see me if...
    No relationship comes without periods of difficulty and conflicts. However, when it becomes a recurring problem it can leave you feeling exhausted, burnt out and resentful of one and other and of yourself. Relationships constantly shift and evolve over time which can be impacted by everyday stresses, changes in our personal circumstances or societal changes. Here are some of the reasons you might want to come and see me.

    • Interpersonal conflicts and communication difficulties

    • Feeling stuck in a rut in your relationship

    • Loss of intimacy and difficulties with your sex life

    • Working through an affair or other relationship injuries

    • Lifestyle changes, for example the arrival of a new child, relocation etc. 

    • Loss of self -esteem and confidence within the relationship

    Couples and other relationships bring their own history, experiences, values and belief systems into their relationship and these are often not spoken about and they can change and evolve over time. I work with you to identify what patterns of behaviour you might be falling into. I offer practical tools which can help take the heat out of conflicts and enable you to get to a place where you can work together and feel more attuned and connected to one another. 

    My style...

    appreciate that relationship therapy might seem daunting for you, but I offer a safe, open and sensitively challenging space where the main focus is on working on your relationship and where both parties feel supported and heard in therapy. My style is relational and collaborative. To allow for change, I am sensitively challenging as well as transparent. My experience has meant that I have completed 1000’s of therapy hours and I am well versed at sitting with high levels of emotional distress. The benefit of having trained integratively as a Psychologist is that I have been trained in a number of therapeutic models, (CBT, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, DBT, Schema) which means therapy can be tailored for you and created anew each time, giving us the choice to either be more structured and logical or more fluid and creative.

    Psychological therapy, or ‘talking therapy’ can help you deal with a range of problems, such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, life transitions, bereavement or loss, childhood difficulties, experiences of trauma…or simply feeling at a bit of a loss as to where to go next. Therapy refers to a wide range of different options for treatment, and every therapist is different. I’m experienced in a range of therapies such as brief psychodynamic therapy (specifically Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (particularly ‘third wave’ therapies including mindfulness and compassion focused therapy) and Systemic Therapy. I’ve also completed further training related to couples, birth, group work and attachment based models. I draw from all of these different approaches to offer a comprehensive approach tailored to your unique needs.
    Clinical Psychologists are ‘jacks of all trades’, learning about the many different factors which may influence people throughout their lifespan, such as previous childhood experiences, current relationships, health, genetics, brain development, disability, cultural influences and so on. This means that they are able to offer a holistic approach to problems, taking into account a person’s context.

    Clinical Psychologists often work in partnership with other professionals and under supervision to ensure they are continually developing their practice and offering the most appropriate service. This means that if, following assessment, I felt that another professional either within our collective or in a different service would better suit your needs, I would discuss the best possible plan with you. I may also discuss with colleagues or a supervisor to ensure that you are receiving the best support.  I may also wish to speak to your GP or Health Visitor, or other services, if I felt they could be of help to you. However, I would never mention you to another professional without discussing it with you first.

    Initially, we would meet for 50 mins for an assessment session. This would enable me to learn about you, your background and current situation, what brought you to therapy and your hopes for future sessions. Assessments may go on for two to three sessions but we would discuss this following the initial assessment.

    Together, we would then decide whether or not further sessions would be required. Sometimes these initial meetings are enough to help people move forward, at other times sessions may continue for a longer period of time, as decided by us together. I work with the majority of clients for around 20 sessions, but do also see people long-term over months or years. I work in an informal, dynamic and collaborative way – bringing my clinical experience to support you as the expert in your own life.

    Still, even now, there is a lot of stigma and misinformation about therapy. That you’ll have to lie on a couch (you’re welcome to, I understand you’re probably sleep deprived!), there will be long silences, it’s only for people with ‘real’ mental health problems. That going means maybe YOU have a ‘real’ mental health problem. 

    There are also lots and lots of quick-fix solutions out there now. You can use a text therapy service to try and improve things wherever you are, or see someone for three sessions of life changing magic, or read a self-help book! It can be hard to see the value of sitting in a room with someone (let’s face it, an expensive someone) week in and week out. 

    But therapy can be truly transformative, and often it does take a while to see real, long lasting, meaningful change. I work using evidence based techniques drawn from a range of different approaches and with the support of experienced mentors and colleagues. Sometimes progress can feel slow when you want rapid change, but I believe that you are coming to therapy because you want things to be actually different. Not just to learn new skills (you will learn some of them too), but to truly feel more acceptance with yourself and your life. I work firmly based on the evidence that shows the relationship between the client and the therapist is one of the key factors in a successful outcome, and we will use our collaborative relationship to improve other relationships and experiences in your life. 

    Therapy is not always right for everyone, and it is not always the right time. But it really can work! 

    WHY ME?
    I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2009, at University College, London (a BPS and HCPC accredited course and one of the leading courses in the UK). But psychology and psychological ways of thinking have always been the backdrop to my life, with parents working in Clinical Psychology and Social Care. I couldn’t really have done anything else!

    I have worked in a variety of NHS, social care and voluntary settings, with individuals and groups, from newborn to older age, with mild to more long standing difficulties and from diverse cultural backgrounds. Having specialised in perinatal psychology towards the end of my training, I then worked in primary care psychology with pregnant women and new parents, helping them deal with the transition to parenthood, including ante- and post-natal anxiety and depression, bonding difficulties and relationship problems.

    Having left the NHS in 2018, I now work independently in collaboration with a brilliant group of colleagues. I see people in central London, or online. My aim is to provide you with a service that can offer a range of different options to support you throughout pregnancy, birth and the early years of parenthood. Whether this is through more traditional one to one therapy, or more informally through an online community or course, I believe that psychological knowledge and discussion can enhance our family lives in so many ways.

    Our Advisory Board

    The Collective also benefits from the input of other experienced psychologists who are involved in clinical planning and practice development.

    Emma Keaveny Cook

    Harriet Higgins 

    Martha Deiros Collado

    Lucy Parkin

    Lucy Nicholson

    Need a Community?

    Parenting can feel like a really lonely time, but finding a safe community of others can be transformative. 

    Working with parents as long as I have, a key theme for me is the frequency with which mental health problems are related to a lack of social support. We are so unusual in the West in the lack of support we give to parents and parents to be. During pregnancy many people feel that – rather than rest and enjoy their changing body – they need to prove that they are as hardworking and resilient as ever. After birth, even after a difficult experience, people are out and about within days (and often back to work too). When visitors come to see new parents, they frequently expect to be handed the baby and made a cup of tea. Compare this to other cultures where new mothers are encouraged to stay in bed with their baby while friends and family members come to bring food, tidy up and look after other children. Is it any wonder that the rates of post natal mental health problems are so high?

    Since 2015 I have run an online parenting support group, with an explicit ‘no-judgement- rule, called ‘The Village’. You’ll find a welcoming community of parents – from the newly pregnant to those with grown up children – who are there to offer support and solidarity. We have regular discussion topics, weekly check-ins and education on topics too. 

    ‘the most supportive group for parents on the internet’ 

    ‘this community has been hands down the most helpful one I’ve been a member of, and I have tried quite a few over the years!’

    I also collaborate with a number of other practices who may be more suitable for you: