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Guidance from a published author and experienced clinical psychologist

I can speak to you as an individual or an organisation through consultation, teaching, training and workshops. I also write and consult to authors, journalists and producers in order to share psychological ideas outside the therapy room.

“Emma just speaks to a part of all of us.”

– Parent

My NEW book: Parenting for Humans

There’s always that moment as a parent when you feel like no matter how hard you’re trying, you just can’t quite get it ‘right’. But the fact is, parenting is hard and once we know this and why, we can forgive ourselves for finding it a struggle, and start to look for the things that make parenting a joy.

Parenting for Humans is a book first and foremost for parents. It explores what we bring to the parenting journey – our hopes, values, views, circumstances, relationships, upbringing – and how we can gain confidence in ourselves not just as parents, but as whole human beings.

My first book: Why Birth Trauma Matters 

My first book Why Birth Trauma Matters (2019) explores what happens to those who go through a bad birth. It explains in detail how birth trauma occurs, examines the wide-ranging impact on all of those involved in birth, and looks at treatments and techniques to aid recovery.

“Emma has a real gift for sharing psychological concepts in an accessible and engaging way.”

– Parent

Writing & Press

There are so many common themes in the work that I do around parenting and mental health, that increasingly I’ve turned to writing to share these ideas with a larger community than I can meet individually. As well as my book ‘Why Birth Trauma Matters’, I have written courses to improve access to therapeutic ideas, articles and contributed to others’ work. If you would like to speak to me about writing or contributing to your project or article please contact me. 


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